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Willoway riders made a splash at the three weeks of shows in Parker, Colorado.

Fallon and James were 15-17 Eq Champions one week and Reserve Champ on another week as well as winning the USEF Medal week 7 in a tough work off. Look for Fallon and James at Harrisburg this October!

Izzi and Crown were 12-14 Eq Reserve Champion and won the Dorothy Roberts medal and moved up to the 3'3" Juniors. Izzi was also 3rd in a big NCEA Medal.

Sam and Onika were Reserve Champions twice in the Children's Equitation. Eliane and Carter were ribbon winners in the Children's as well as the Children's Eq and Classics. Kiley and Conner were 3rd and 5th in the Children's Jumper Classics and moved up to do the WIHS Equitation with ribbons in both phases.

Kiley and Scotty made their debut with good ribbons in the USHJA Hunter classes.
Clinic with Bernie Traurig and lessons with Mike Hennaghan topped off the 3 weeks.
River Rafting was a fun diversion on Monday between weeks 6 and 7.

Good job riders!

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Medal Qualifiers:
Fallon O'Connell - Qualified for ASPCA Region 6 Finals, NCEA WEST Finals, AHJA

Junior Amateur Finals:
Izzi Placenti- Qualified AHJA Childrens Medal Finals
Sam Sharp- Qualified AHJA Childrens Medal Finals

IEA National Finals 2017- The following qualified and showed:
Ella Burbach, Izzi Placenti, Sam Sharp, Grace Gallagher, Lena Vescio, Bella Gilley

IEA Zone 8 Finals: The following qualified:
Ella Burbach, Izzi Placenti, Fallon O'Connell, Eliane Haro, Sam Sharp, Reilly Fitzpatrick,
Reagan Fitzpatrick, Bella Gilley, Lena Vescio, Myka Seger, Sarah Brunst, Grace Gallagher,
Ella Longo, Stella Grippe, Sage Hardin, Carly Sweeney


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