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2010 Awards for Willoway Farm

Year End Results

Zone 8 Year End Awards
• JC’s Clementine & Betsy Baker
  - 4th in the High Adult Amateur Jumpers
  - Zone 8 Finals Adult Amateur Jumper Champion
• Jamestown & Colleen Loustalot
  - Reserve Champion in the Children’s Hunters 14-17
• Ti Amo & Savaria Drumm
  - 3rd in the High Children’s Jumpers
• Lolla Palooza & Amelia Drumm
  - Reserve Champion in the Large Junior Hunters 15 & Under
  - Zone 8 Finals Large Junior Hunter Reserve Champion

AHJA Year End Awards
• Lolla Palooza & Amelia Drumm
  - Champion AHJA Junior/Amateur Medal Finals
  - Champion Large Junior Hunter
  - Champion Regular Working Hunter
• JC’s Clementine & Betsy Baker
  - Reserve Champion High Adult Amateur Jumpers
  - 3rd Low Adult Amateur Jumpers
• Ti Amo & Savaria Drumm
  - Reserve Champion High Children’s Jumpers
  - 6th Low Children’s Jumpers
• Harry Potter & Cassie Jordan
  - 4th Equitation 14-17
  - 7th AHJA Children’s Medal Finals
• Park Avenue & Maddie Louis
  - 6th Beginner Rider Equitation
  - 6th Beginner Rider Hunter
• Allegro & Ettsy Louis
  - 3rd Low Children’s Equitation
  - 6th Low Children’s Hunters

Collman Equestrian Production/Greenway Saddlery Medal Finals
Children’s Medal
  - Reserve Champion – Colleen Loustalot
  - 6th – Cassie Jordan


Willoway has another fantastic week in Tucson!

Willoway farm would like to congratulate all our horses and riders
on their continued success weeks 4 & 5 of the Tucson Winter Circuit!

Week 4 Results

- Savaria Drumm & La Bamba
Reserve Champion Low Children’s/Adult Jumper

- Amelia Drumm & Lolla Palooza
Winner ASPCA Horsemanship Medal
2nd in the Jr/AO Hunter Classic
Winner Age Group Equitation

- Gabbie Drumm & Over the Rainbow
This was Gabbie's first time showing in the Short Stirrup Hunters
and we are so proud of the fabulous job she did,
and she even remembered ALL her courses!

- Park Avenue, owned by Maddie Louis, ridden by Tim Herrick
Good ribbons in the Tucson High Hunters

- Ettsy Louis & Allegro
5th in the Children's Hunter Classic
Good ribbons in the Children's Hunters

Week 5 Results

- Allie Nitti & Jamestown
2nd in the AHJA Children's Medal
3rd in the Marshall & Sterling Children's Medal
5th in the Children's Hunter Classic

- Savaria Drumm & La Bamba
Reserve Champion in the High Children's Jumper

- Amelia Drumm & Lolla Palooza
Winner of the ASPCA Horsemanship Medal
2nd in the Jr/AO Hunter Classic

- Gabbie Drumm & Over the Rainbow
2nd & 3rd in the Short Stirrup Hunters & Equitation

Congratulations to Everyone! We look forward to the Scottsdale Shows next week!


Willoway Farm started out the Tucson Winter Circuit during week 3,
and it could not have been any better!

Congratulations to all our horses and riders:

- Low Hunter Champion with rider Tim Herrick for owner Ettsy Louis
- Childrens Hunter 17 & Under Champion, winning 3 classes,
and 4th in the Classic with owner/rider Ettsy Louis

Park Avenue
- Tucson High Hunter Champion and Schooling Hunter Reserve Champion
with rider Tim Herrick for owner Maddie Louis

- Children's Hunter 17 & Under Reserve Champion and 1st in the Classic
with Allie Nitti, who is leasing Jamestown from Colleen and Elizabeth Loustalot
- This was Allie's first time jumping 3 ft.!

Looking forward to week 4 of Tucson!


Congratulations are in order at Willoway Farm!

January and February have brought many happy changes to multiple riders
and we cannot wait to see them all in the show ring this year!

Congratulations to Colleen Loustalot on leasing Outta Town!
Thank you to Conventry Farms and Kris & Jim McConnell of Littleton, Colorado.
Look for these two in the Children's Jumpers and Modified Jr/Amateur Jumpers very soon.

Outta Town
"Outta Town"

Contratulations to Cassie Jordan on leasing Athena!
Thank you to Twisted Tree Farm & Janet Hischer of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Watch for them in the Children's Jumpers.


Contratulations to Savaria Drumm on leasing La Bamba!
Thank you again to Twisted Tree Farm & Janet Hischer of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Look for them in the Children's Jumpers and Modified Jr/Amateur Jumpers.

"La Bamba"

Congratulations to Allie Nitti on leasing Jamestown from Colleen Loustalot!
Watch for them in the 3'-3'3" Equitation and Children's Hunters.


Look for these new partnerships at the upcoming horse shows in Tucson and Scottsdale!

And congratulations to Jillian Carter and trainer Raegan St. John
of Shreveport, Louisiana on the lease of Who's That
from Katie Rosenzweig. Good luck and have fun!

"Who's That"


2010 Tucson Shows

Tuscon II:

Wow , what a wonderful Zone 8 Finals Show.

Betsy Baker and her JC's Clementine won the Zone Finals Class
in the Adult/Amateur Jumpers and was also awarded the OVERALL Zone 8 championship class.
This class was also run in Denver, and based on foot-speed: They won!

Betsy and Clem were also show Champion in the
Adult Amateur Jumpers.

DITTO for Savaria Drumm and her Childrens Jumper, Ti Amo won the Zone 8 Class
and then were declared overall Childrens Jumper Champion for the Zone 8 Finals Class!

Both girls will receive award coolers at the year end banquet!
Savarfia and "Timo" also won the NAL Childrens/Adult Classic with the only double clean round!!

Amelia Drumm and her horse Lolla Palooza (Rocky) were Junior Hunter Champion
and won the Zone Championship Class. They ended up Reserve champion when points
were figured for the 2 classes in Denver.

Amelia and Rocky won the Jr Amateur Hunter Classic.

Tucson III:

Congratulations to Amelia Drumm and her Equitation Horse,
Lolla Palooza! Champion in the Arizona Hunter Jumper Association
Jr Adult Medal Finals!!!

This is a 3 Phase class: Round 1 is in the hunter ring,
Round 2 is a written test,
and Round 3 is a round that goes from the
hunter ring into the Grand Prix Field!
Amelia won all three Rounds! You GO Girl!
The pair were also Champion Jur Hunter for the second straight week!!

Betsy Baker and JC's Clementine were 4th in the
NAL Childrens/Adult Jumper Classic.

Savaria Drumm and Ti Amo moved up to the Modified Jr Jumpers
and jumped double clean to be second.

Henrietta (Ettsie) Louis tried the 3' childrens hunters for the first time this show with GREAT sucess!
She was Reserve champion.

Scottsdale Year End Show:

Congratulations to Colleen Loustalot and her mount Jamestown:
CEP Childrens Medal Finals Reserve Champion!

Also Childrens Hunter Champion and 2nd in the Childrens Hunter Classic!! Colleen and Jimmie also competed in the USHJA Hunter Classic and with 39 entries, the pair made the second round!!

Amelia Drumm and her Lolla Palooza competed in the USHJA Hunter Classic.
Amelia was awarded the highest scoring Junior Rider.
She finished 4th overall and was the only non-pro to get a ribbon. Amelias shows as a 14 year old!

Henrietta (Ettsie) Louis and her wonderful horse, allegro (Alvin) won the hack in the Childrens.
Tim Herrick rode the horse to an 8th place finish in the USHJA Hunter Classic.

Wow: Out of a field of 39: Willoway Farm had 3 entries.
We qualified all three for the second round and 2 ribbons!

Over The Rainbow and Gabbie Drumm made their debut and were
Reserve Champion in the opportunity classes
but look out for next year in the short stirrup!!

Now the best of the show: A stick horse Competition right before the Grand Prix. 75 entries!
You have to decorate and go to the ring.
Gabbie Drumm won with the Grinch's Getaway.
Check it out: Photos soon. And Leadline Myah on Gabbie's horse.


October 2010

Willoway Farm congratulates all our horses and riders on a very successful show
at the Scottsdale Fall Classic.
This was our first show of the fall series and it started with a bang!

  • Colleen Loustalot and Jamestown took the Children's Hunter Championship, winning 3 of the 4 over fences classes and third in the under saddle, as well as winning the CEP Children's Medal and the THIS Children's Medal.
  • Savaria Drumm and her horse Ti Amo earned the Children's Jumper Championship after collecting two blues and a yellow.
  • Betsy Baker and her horse JC's Clementine were on par with Savaria and Timo, earning the Adult Jumper Championship after also collecting two 1st places and a 3rd place.
  • Ettsy Louis' Allegro earned the Low Hunter Championship with Tim Herrick, and Ettsy was successful in the Low Child/Adult Equitation.
  • Amelia Drumm and Lolla Palooza were successful in both the Children's Jumpers and 3'6" Modified Junior/Amateur Hunters, preparing her for the 3'6" equitation medals and hunter derbies this fall.
And a special congratulations to Colleen Loustalot and Cassie Jordan
for qualifying to compete in the CEP-Greenway Equitation Finals
at the Arizona Season Finale, good luck!

Way to go everyone, Tucson, here we come!


Willoway Farm congratulates Cassie Jordan and her leased horse, Harry Potter,
on a great trip to the Gold Star Horse Show on Sunday, October 10.
She had some constructive jumper rounds that well prepared her for
the AHJA Medal Finals and Greenway/CEP Medal Finals coming up this fall!

May 2010

Betsy Baker & JC's Alibhai (AZ Flag Jump)

Betsy Baker & JC's Clementine

Ranch & Coast Horse Show

Circuit Champion and Reserve in Colorado

Betsy Baker, Katie and Kathy traveled to Show Park, Del Mar, CA for the Ranch and Coast Horse
Show. Much fun was had enjoying the cool weather and lovely show grounds! Betsy and her
recently acquired JC’s Clementine were very competitive in the High Adult Jumpers and got
ribbons in every class. Katie and JC’s Alhibai moved up to the meter jumpers and
have some lovely rounds.

Katie Rosenzweig

Katie Rosenzweig getting judge’s cards

Katie has been busy being a learner judge this year! She has been to Woodside, CA and
the Colorado Horse Park so far as well as attending a Hunter/Equitation clinic in Del Mar, CA.
She is off to the St. Louis National Charity Show in September, 2010. Katie is working hard
and we wish her luck in getting her “r” in Hunters and Equitation.


Summer 2010


Colorado Horse Park

Colleen Loustalot and her steady partner, Jamestown, had a fabulous month at the Colorado Horse Park! The pair won the Dorothy Roberts Children’s Medal 2 of the 4 weeks. Competing in a huge Children’s Hunter Division, “Jimmie” and Colleen were reserve circuit champions and Champion on Week 4.

Carbondale, CO

Kathy and Colleen traveled to Carbondale, Co during the beginning of week 3 to give a 2 day clinic at
Kim and George Dixon’s Paradise Farm. With 4 sessions on Monday and 5 on Tuesday it was a very busy two days. All of the riders had a great time and learned some skills that they could put to use during Week 4 of the Parker shows. Another clinic is tentatively scheduled over Thanksgiving weekend.

Great weather, beautiful mountain scenery, concerts, movies and good friends from all over the country!

A group of Willoway girls travelled to CA with Tracey this summer.

After an absence from the show ring for many years, Dawn Winans-Shank and Rembrandt debuted in the AA Hunters and AA Equitation with great results at both The Oaks and Showpark County Shows.

Ettsy Louis and her wonderful horse, Allegro won all of her Children’s Hunter classes at The Oaks
and had good ribbons at Showpark. Maddie Louis’s new horse, Park Avenue, was Champion in the
Low Hunters, with Tim Herrick aboard at The Oaks. Watch for Maddie this fall.

Cassie Jorden came to Showpark and rode Vincenzo. Emily Esau graciously loaned Cassie the horse.
The pair won a huge equitation class and had great results in all other classes.
A big Willoway Thank you to Emily for the use of this wonderful horse and her assistance!

Del Mar, CA

Great times…..beach, surfing, friendship bracelets and lots of laughs!

2010 Qualified Riders:
Amelia Drumm: ASPCA Regionals
USEF West Coast Talent Search
AHJA Jr/Am Medal

Savaria Drumm: Marshall & Sterling Children's Jumper

Cassie Jorden: AHJA Children's Medal
CEP/Greenway Equitation Challenge

Colleen Loustalot: Marshall & Sterling Children's Hunter
Colorado National Children's Medal

Julia Finn: West Coast Jr. Hunter Finals (2 horses)

2010 HITS Circuit Champion, JC's Clementine,
Besty Baker and Kathy.


A successful Winter 2010 HITS Circuit!

Julia Finn’s, Illux, was Circuit Green Conformation Hunter Champion ridden by Katie Rosenzweig.

Betsy Baker rode her own, JC’s Clementine to the
Level 2 Jumper Circuit Championship.

Colleen Loustalot and Jamestown were Reserve Circuit Champion
in the Childrens Hunter 14-17.

Amelia Drumm won both the ASPCA and the Talent search.

Savaria Drumm and Ti Amo were winners in the
High and Low Childrens Jumpers.


Congratulations on New Horse Purchases:

Lolla Palooza and Amelia Drumm.
Watch for this pair in the Big Medals as they have already qualified for ASPCA Regionals!!!!

Illux and Julia Finn!
Thanks to Leslie Nielson for finding this great horse.
Julia and “Lux” are already qualified for Jr. Hunter Finals and “Lux”
with Katie Rosenzweig are leading Zone 8 in the Green Conformation.

Welcome Back to the show world Betsy Baker and her new jumper
JC’s Clementine who were already HITS Circuit Champion!
Also introducing JC’s Alibhai with Betsy showing in the
Low Adult Jumpers and Katie Rosenzweig showing in the 1 M.
Besty raised this mare from a baby!



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