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2007 Awards for Willoway Farm
AZ Hunter Jumper Assoc. 2007 Year End Awards

AHJA - Childrens Medal Finals Champ - SybilRose on Rendezvous

Zone 8 Finals - Childrens Hunter - Sybil Rose on Voltano

Zone 8 Finals - A/O - Hunter - Dr. Marlee Hoffman - Ja'Loup

Willoway Farm Perpetual Trophy-High Point Children's Hunter
Voltano & Sybil Rose
G'Day Memorial Perpetual Trophy - Champion Adult Jumper
Beautiful Day & Michelle Nolen Senner

Low Children's Jumper

Champion: Rosebelle/Amelia Drumm

Children's Jumper

Reserve Champion: Star Child/Arianna Picciotti

Adult Amateur Jumper
Champion: Beautiful Day/Michelle Senner

Modified Junior / Amateur Jumper
5th: Saltarella/Ashlee Bolwar

Junior / Amateur Owner Jumper
6th: Saltarella/Ashlee Bolwar

Hunt Seat Equitation 11 & Under
5th: Amelia Drumm
6th: Juia Finn

Hunt Seat Equitation 12 - 14
Reserve Champion: Sybil Rose

Hunt Seat Equitation 18 - 35
5th: Marlee Hoffman

Hunt Seat Equitation 36 & Over
3rd: Tara Widman

Short Stirrup Equitation
Reserve Champion: Julia Finn

Children's Pony Equitation
5th: Julia Finn

1st Year Green Hunter
6th: Taarento/Michelle Hale

2nd Year Green Hunter
Reserve Champion: Roxie/Marlee Hoffman

Amateur Owner Hunter 18 - 35
Reserve Champion: Ja'Loup/Marlee Hoffman
4th: Roxie/Marlee Hoffman
5th: Beautiful Day/Michelle Senner

Children's Hunter 13 & Under
Champion: Over the Rainbow/Amelia Drumm

Children's Hunter 14 - 17
Champion: Voltano/Sybil Rose
Reserve Champion: Rendezvous/Sybil Rose

Adult Amateur Hunter 18 - 35
6th: Caruso/Marlee Hoffman

Short Stirrup Hunter
Reserve Champion: Sir Arthur Fonzarelli/Julia Finn

Low Amateur Adult Hunter
4th: Rapunzel/Tara Widman

Zone 8 - USEF 2007 Awards
Childrens Jumper Champion
2nd Year Green
A/O Hunter 18-35
Small Jr. Hunter 15 & Under
Children's Hunter 14 - 17
Adult Amateur Jumper
Star Child/Arianna Picciotti
5th: Roxie/Dr. Marlee Hoffman
4th: Ja'Loup/Dr. Marlee Hoffman
5th: Luvaro/Christine Gabel
3rd: Voltano/Sybil Rose
Reserve Champion: Beautiful Day/Michelle Senner
Silver Stirrup Awards
  A/O Hunter 6th: Ja'Loup/Dr. Marlee Hoffman
Zone 8    
  A/O Hunter Champion: Ja'Loup/Dr. Marlee Hoffman
  Jr. Hunter Champion: Luvaro/Christine Gabel
  Green Hunter Champion: Roxie/Dr. Marlee Hoffman

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