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Welcome to the latest addition to the Willoway Farm website. Each month we will profile different riders
in our program and it is our hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

The first few rider profiles we are calling “It’s All in the Family”. We will take a look at some of our riders
who seem to have come by their love of horses via their family members.
It begs the question (which we are happy to ask): Heredity or Environment?

Kathy Johnson


It’s All in the Family!
Katie Rosenzweig
Katie Rosenzweig

Katie currently is the professional rider and assistant trainer here at Willoway Farm.

She began her riding career at the tender age of six however it wasn’t
until many years later that she would discover the numerous horse connections in her own family.

Both sides of her family have enjoyed horses and horse sports of all
sorts but it would appear that Katie inherited her love of jumping from
her Aunt Diane.

Diane Rosenzweig was quite an accomplished hunter rider in the period that encompassed the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s.

Diane, who was born in 1945, rode from the age of 12 until she reached the age of 18. She rode with Bud Landrum and Bud Templin, both noted Arizona trainers.

Diane and her quarter horse cross, Free Friday were unstoppable.

Not only did they win
everything here in Arizona
but they competed very successfully up and down
the California coast.

Diane always tried to lose her helmet at the first jump
(don’t try this at home, not a good idea!).

This was in the days before ASTM helmets so if you lost your helmet
while on course, and many riders did, you could continue with your round.

Katie’s mother, Debi Rosenzweig, is also a horse lover. In the 1980s, Debi rode a little Arabian named War Raff who was a grandson of the world famous Arabian stallion*Bask++. She successfully competed through Prix St George level in dressage, quite unusual at the time. Debi rode until she was six months pregnant with Katie!

Katie’s grandfather, Kirk Fieselman was born in 1914.

He was a war veteran and took pleasure in many things during his life and he especially loved horses.

In the 1930s he rode American Saddlebreds and although he would never own a horse, he was lucky enough to have a beautiful stallion named Hollywood Rex enter his life.

Kirk loved that horse until Rex died in 1940.

Kirk loved to watch Katie ride.

Even when he was 90 years old, he would make trips to the barn to watch her ride and feed the horses carrots.

Katie’s group of special equine partners over the years:

GETTYSBURG - Short Stirrup

SILVER SKY - Medium pony

CHIVALRY - Zone 8 Champion
Children’s Hunter and Junior Hunter

FALCON - Children’s Jumper
(Owned by Amy Golding Johnson)

WHO’S THAT - 2004 USEF National Reserve Champion Small Junior Hunter

MIKHAIL - 2004 USEF National Reserve Champion Large Junior Hunter (Owned by Pat Carleton)

PICASSO - Grand Prix Jumper and
2004 Silver Stirrup National Champion Junior Jumper

Katie spent her entire junior career with Willoway Farm. She was fortunate to ride Pat and Jennie Carleton’s horses along the way.

After graduating from Arcadia High School with Honors, she attended college At Southern Methodist University. Her faithful partner, Who’s That (a horse she got while he was still very green), went to university also. The two of them took the Texas Amateur Owner hunter division by storm. In 2006 they were Zone 7 A/O Champion. Katie and Who trained at Woodhill Farm with Matt Cyphert during her college years.

After graduating Cum Laude in 2009, Katie returned to Willoway Farm to begin her professional career.
She is also actively pursuing her judge’s card with USEF.

So the question is, Heredity or Environment? You be the judge!

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